Laravel + Google App Engine

Over the past months I decided I wanted a better hosting platform for my Laravel Application. I have used several hosting options like Dreamhost and Forge. Apart from the cost concerns and ease of deployment, I wanted to implement a complete CI/CD for my app.

Google cloud engine has a lot of benefits. At the moment, you get a 365 day or a $300 credit free trial. Also you have access to a myriad of solutions like Firestore, Storage, Cloud Compute , AI and many others under each project.

Preparing to Deploy

1. Create a Google cloud account: here or more directly here.


Since December 2019 when WHO announced the outbreak of Covid-19 the rate of spread has been spontaneous. It started with vertical imported cases and now has become horizontal- community spread. The findings from this project can help countries prepare better based on the rate of spread

I have taken this challenge to help create a cleaner dataset for machine learning purposes. I am using real-time datasets from WHO and augmenting it with other relevant datasets. I will dive into the technicalities now.

The size and quality of datasets affects the accuracy of prediction. That said a bad dataset = bad…

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I am a web specialist and I have been programming over 5 years now. Over the years I picked up some experiences I want to share. Most programmers in Africa started programming from an older age so the cognitive transition took some time. Moreover many academic institutions are now streamlining their programming courses to well equip students for industry.

I want to share some great resources to help you find your feet quicker in fastest changing industry in our generation. I will create a user journey so its easy to follow.

First of all the basic concepts to master are…

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With the surge in digital transactions globally there is the need for more efficient ways for a higher financial inclusion rate for the developing countries. Mobile money has made tremendous reach across many African countries.

As it stands now Africa still grapples with telecommunication infrastructure issues. This challenge translates into high cost of airtime and even-more data services. These costs impede the financial inclusion agenda governments are trying to achieve

As a fintech entrepreneur I have been thinking about the best way to cut down on internet or data usage for most digital transactions as well as reducing downtime of…

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Medium is one of the publishing sites I spend time on for many reasons. One major reason is the richness of content from industry experienced authors. Medium is much like AlistApart, and they are my dictionary for what’s happening in the tech industry.

So let me just highlight on why Ai: African Intelligence. I am Ghanaian and I have Africa at heart. I am also excited about what this digital age holds for us. Ai simply seeks to explore the disruptive technologies and what is at stake for Africa. I will also share some innovations I am working on as…

Ai: African Intelligence

African Intelligence seeks to explore technologies that will be disruptive to the African Tech Ecosystem

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